21st of July 2015 22:13, day 206
Two out of three in Reykjavik

Jeppe and I arrived in Keflavik Airport last night at 23.40. We hadn't booked any place to spend the night, because we were supposed to meet up with Caroline at 7.00 this morning, collect the car and set out for our drive along the ring road. It seemed too much of a hassle to find a bus to take us to Reykjavik and then come back to the airport 5 hours later.

But plans go awry. No sooner had we landed and connected to the internet, before Caroline wrote us. Somehow, Icelandair and a guy working at NYC airport had messed up the transfer, causing her and the others on the same flight as her to miss their connecting flight in NYC.

So, she'll be landing in Keflavik Airport tomorrow at 7.00, instead of today.

By the time we found out that Jeppe and I would be spending a day in Reykjavik, it was around 2.00 in the morning - too late to book any accommodation. No problem we thought, we'll just do the same thing we did in LAX. There were already a tonne of people sleeping where ever they could find room. So we took out our inflatable mattresses and got ready to go to sleep.

We hadn't considered the construction work, nor the zealous security guard, who walked around about 10 minutes later, shouting at people to sit up. "This isn't a hostel".

Fair enough. Thus, instead of sleeping I spent a bit of time looking for any hotel or hostel we could spend the night in, before realising that Jeppe's suggestion was the best solution.

So, at around 3.00 in the morning, we grabbed all our stuff and walked out of the airport. We walked for 5 minutes, and found a little patch of pinewood trees and rocks. Jeppe went scouting and found a good even place to put our air mattresses, and that's where we slept for the next 4½ hours.

In the morning, we walked into the airport again, hoping that our rental company would prove flexible and let us rent the car in spite of Caroline - who made the reservation - not being there. We didn't have our hopes up, but we got lucky!

So now, we're the proud renters of the smallest car on our trip so far. A VW polo! Fitting all our bags and ourselves in that car will be an interesting challenge.

And off we went in the direction of Reykjavik. You see, when we realised that we would be hanging around for a day, I checked out the training times at Mjölnir.

And that's how we spent our day. We drove to Mjölnir, slept in the car for an hour before training started at 12.00, had some really good training where I realised I need to work on my armbar defence, went and got some fantastic soup, got lost walking around Reykjavik downtown, went back to training and realised that I really need to work on not letting people take my back, and finally set out for the Laundromat Cafe to have dinner and do our laundry.

Pretty sweet day, especially considering we're basically in waiting position. I haven't trained twice in a day for a long time, and I'm feeling it. But in a good way.

When our laundry is done, we'll head back towards the airport and find a place to park and sleep as close to as possible. It'll be good to see Caroline tomorrow, and get on the road. Hopefully IcelandicAir will have found her luggage by then!