22nd of July 2015 23:59, day 207
Langaholt Campsite
Keeping Icelandic hours

I've found an upside and a downside to the endless days during the Icelandic summer. The upside: you can pitch your tent at 00.00 with no problems, because it's still light out. The downside: your days end up being... well.. endless.

This morning we sat up, stretched, turned the car on and headed to Keflavik Airport at 6.00. After we arrived we sat down with our computers and rejoiced about the reliable internet. A bit past 7, we recieved a message from Caroline. You don't have to go to the airport at 6.00 in the morning, they still haven't found my luggage so it will probably be a long time before I get there".

Wait, what? Both Jeppe and I wrote her back, asking her just where she was. I though something along the lines of: "Damn, she's still in New York? What the hell?". Before we had time to freak out however, Caroline walks up to us. Apparently, she wrote the message before getting on the plane, but it only sent when she turned on her phone again.

Gathered again, we dropped by Joe and the Juice for some breakfast and then sat down to plan. Shortly thereafter, we found out that you should really pre-book the Blue Lagoon, and that there were tickets available at 13.00 today. So we booked, and spent the next two hours figuring out what to do and see, where to go when and when to train.

I got in touch with Halldor who lives in Akureyri, and apart from encouraging us to come training, he offered us a place to stay as we pass though the town. That's the plan for tomorrow. Reaching Akureyri by 18.00 and training with the guys at Fenrir.

Done planning for our immediate future, we went to the car park and proceeded to magically make space for Caroline's stuff in our Polo. On our way to the Blue Lagoon, we had a brief stop, shopped at Bonus and eating some lunch at subway.

The Blue Lagoon is very impressive, nice and relaxing. It's also overpriced (at 45 Euro per person + towels), overcrowded and slightly ridiculous: "Please enjoy the free lockers", "Free? We paid 45 per person to get in!". But then again, if you need to hire a young guy to stand in the water all day, serving up a bucket of mud that is just "ah-mahzing" for your skin, and another who walks up to people with the more expensive packages to deliver individual treatments, I guess you need to rake in enough money. Incidentally, it seemed like some pretty plush summer jobs to have.

After having thoroughly marinated in the hot spring, we walked out to the car park and had our lunch - instant noodles - while shielding from the ever present bone-cold wind.

Squeaky clean, slightly chilled and more or less dry, we set out for Geysir, Gulfoss and Thingvellir. The roads here in Iceland are in ...varying conditions. It took us a good while to get to Geysir. While Geysir is dormant now, we got to see Strokkur go up a few times while we were there. It was pretty cool.

Gullfoss was impressive! What a massive waterfall that is. We walked down a set of stairs, and I was bowled over by the size of it. Then I walked closer and realised there was about double as much waterfall as I initially thought. Very cool.

Jeppe may have gone a bit loco and attacked some of the unsuspecting tourists. "I'm a batman!"

By the time we set out for Thingvellir, which was on the way to our final stop for the day - Langaholt Campsite near Snæfelljökull - it was already 19.30. When we reached Thingvellir, we were all pretty tired. I stopped the car a few times and took some nice pictures of the seismic activity, but we weren't up for any walks around the place. We considered stopping for the night, but decided to just power though.

And that's what we did. For the next 4 hours. Urgh! I gave up around 23.00, and laid down in the back of the car. When I woke up 45 minutes later, we were almost at Langaholt. Sleeping, it's just like time travel!

Finally at the campground, Caroline and I pitched our tent and bivy while Jeppe cooked. We stopped a few times to admire the birds and the clouds rolling in over the mountains. Did I mention that the wind here is pretty harsh? We all hid in the atrium of our tent, to be able to have dinner without freezing our butts off!

I think all three of us are pretty desperately in need of some good sleep.