23rd of July 2015 23:51, day 208
Snæfellsjökul, jiu jitsu and Magic

We've been sleeping right next to the ocean, and that may explain why it was so freaking cold during the night. Also, the ridiculously noisy birds never seem to go to sleep when the sun isn't setting enough for the skies to turn dark.

While we'd set our alarm for 8 in the morning, our late evening and the aforementioned noisy birds made for less than stellar sleeping. So we overslept a bit.

After packing down, off we went in direction of Snæfellsjökul, a glacier made famous by none other than Jules Verne. Due to us being in a non 4x4 car, and the less than stellar weather, we drove around the glacier rather than trying to get up close and personal with it.

Jeppe more or less passed out as soon as we got into the car. So for the first few hours, only Caroline and I got to enjoy the lovely landscape, and went on a brief hike down to the coastline. We got rewarded with some cool views and a treated to the smell and sounds of a seagull colony.

When Jeppe woke up, we started playing a game - "Pronounce the next thing you read on the road". It was all going splendid until it was my turn and we passed by a sign stating "84". The others decided I was cheating!

The reason we had to start early today, is that we had to make it to Akureyri by 18.00 tonight. That's when training starts.

Let me tell you this: there's a long way from Snæfellsjökul to Akureyri. But it's beautiful (and bumpy) every second of the way. We spent some of the time trying to teach Caroline to pronounce "Akureyri", and discussed whether they actually have schools in the tiny villages we passed by.

We made it to Akureyri in good time, but spent longer than expected finding Fenrir. Partially because I thought we were looking for number 3, nor 2, and partially because Fenrir doesn't believe in publicity. There was no sign marking the small byway where the club is located at the very end.

In spite of the detours, we made it to Fenrir in time to grab a quick shower before training. That felt pretty fantastic. They have a really good group of people training at Fenrir, and both Caroline, Jeppe and I had some great rolls.

After training, we got treated to some Icelandic hospitality and some additional plans. We're staying with Halldor's parents for the night, and are training again tomorrow.

Somehow, we managed to fit Halldór into the Polo. He offered to sit in the back, but got overruled. There most certainly wasn't room for approx. 100 kg viking in the back of that car. Instead, Jeppe and I squeezed in together while Halldór directed Caroline to his parents' place where we're spending the night. As soon as we got there, we got treated to some fantastic food.

We decided to top up the great dinner with some dessert, and went out to try the local ice cream, Brynja. As it turned out in converstaion, Halldor is a magic player as well. So when we've all finished our ice creams and were shivering because of it, we dropped by Halldór's place so he could grab his cards and went to a nice cafe.

The hot chocolate fixed my case of the shivers, it was toasty warm inside, and I got to try to teach Caroline as much of Magic as I could remember. We made cheat sheets for the steps and tried to play a game. It was a fantastic way to spend the evening.