25th of July 2015 22:43, day 210
Topless mountains 3 km south of 66 degrees north

We may have slept in this morning, and it being close to midday by the time we got up, we may have had cup noodles for breakfast. That's how we roll.

On the way out of Raufarhöfn, we spotted a stone sculpture. We were intrigued, but when we got closer, we realised it was a modern "interpretation" of sculptures of old. They'd even used mortar to keep the rocks together.

Our first stop of the day was a drive along yet another gravel road to Hraunhafnartangi, what used to be thought to be the northern-most point on mainland Iceland. Apparently, with more precise measurement, they've found Rifstangi to be a tiny bit more north.

Funny enough, it seems like it's of the beaten touristic path. On the way to the light house, we drove by droves of sheep and a whole flock of terns. We realised that some of the birds were young ones and started awww'ing. Shortly afterwards, one of the youngster landed straight in front of the car, sat there for a while and then proceeded to flee from the car ...straight into a fence. We were simultaneously cringing and laughing. It got up and dusted itself off after a few seconds.

The walk out to Hraunhafnertangi lighthouse was rocky and uneven. The beaches here are a mix of black and regular sand colour. It makes for a strange look.

At the lighthouse, we sat down by the edge of the ocean. As we stared out across the water, as if we somehow could spot the arctic circle 3 km away, we simultaneously carried out a spirited debate of the ugly penalty and it's varying effect from men to women.

Back in the car, we set out for our longest drive as of yet here in Iceland. Over the course of the next 8 hours, we watched terns fish, spotted some sheep with interesting fur-cuts, saw wast open plains, a storm in the horizon and some interesting and very cloudy roads.

At the end of the drive, we concluded that while Iceland is full of mountains, they seem to be topless. With the heavy clouds everywhere, we've been seeing the base of lots of mountains, and the occasional peak at higher altitudes, but no tops. Maybe they're endless?

Around 20.00 we finally passed our goal for today. Höfn. About 15 minutes later we entered Myrnar and spotted a sign indicating a camping site. We filled our bellies with Jeppe's excellent pork chops, broccoli and mushroom dish, pitched our tents, and that was it for today.

The grass is really long and wet here at the campsite, and Caroline's shoes got soaked within a minute or so. I've been walking around barefoot and in flip flops since we got here, and are now trying to warm up the blocks of ice below my ankles. But at least I have dry shoes. Neener neener :-)