27th of July 2015 22:04, day 212
Keflavik Airport
Feeding our addiction

This is it! Our last day on Iceland, and our last day of the trip! It feels pretty crazy But Iceland showed itself from it's lovely side, with some of the warmest and sunniest weather we've had so far. That would mean around 15 degrees Celsius!

After getting up this morning, we found out that the washing machine had already been taken. That make us think: "Screw it", and we proceeded to basically shove everything into the car and set out for Reykjavik. Our destination was the Laundromat Cafe, which is as far as we've been able to find out, the only laundromat in Reykjavik.

We spent a few hours there, eating pancakes and nachos, and using their internet which actually worked this time. When our clothes were finally done, I was in for a lovely surprise. My friend Halla from LSE lives in Reykjavik, but has been away on vacation while we've been here. However, she had a bit of time this afternoon, basically between appointments. We agreed to meet at the cafe, and half an hour later she picked up Caroline, Jeppe, me and all our laundry.

So, we got a lovely drive around Reykjavik with our local guide pointing out all the sights and interesting quirks. Between the fun facts about Reykjavik, Halla and I worked at warp speed to catch up. What are you doing now? How have you been? What's gonna happen in the future? It was really nice.

Halla took us to the Pearl, a restaurant built on top of big containers filled with geothermal-sourced hot water, which is used to heat Reykjavik. We didn't stop for food, but instead admired the beautiful views from the top.

Back in downtown Reykjavik, Halla dropped us off in front of our car. We still had a few hours to kill, so we went for a walk around the area. Both Harpa Concert Hall and Hallgrímskirkja are really impressive buildings. I think we all really enjoyed the atmosphere in Reykjavik. Both Caroline and Jeppe said it reminded them of Aalborg downtown in many ways. Sounds good to me!

At 17.00, it was finally time to feed to addiction. We jumped into our car and drove to Mjölnir for our final training session of the trip. And it was really good! There were a lot more women for this training, and I got to roll with some great purple belts and blue belts.

Now, we're sitting in Keflavik Airport. We've handed back the car, repacked all our luggage for the final time during our trip, and celebrated that fact by some lovely Joe & the Juice.

What a trip!