6th of May 2017 08:04, day 860
The adventure continues

Wow, a lot has happened since my last post on here.

After we returned from our RTW trip in July 2015, Jeppe and I got married, moved to Aalborg and rented an apartment while we searched for a house we wanted to buy and I searched for a job. Jeppe was able to move his job back to Aalborg, but actually found a new job a few months after we returned home. I got a temporary job as a consultant for the Region of Northern Denmark in February 2016, that turned permanent in September 2016.

2016 was a hard and busy year in many ways. In January I tore my ACL in my right knee. In February I had surgery for that, and got a brand spanking new hamstring graft. In March my father died. In April we signed the papers for our new house. In June, we restored a bunch of old furniture. In July I became pregnant and in August we moved into our new home and held a huge birthday-wedding-housewarming party.

My autumn was spent in a blur of minor house improvements/adjustments, first trimester woes, a bout of pneumonia and a woodturning course. Jeppe, meanwhile, realised that he suddenly has space for all the power tools he ever wanted, and got busy cutting down trees. Also, I dug out my old accordion while Jeppe's taken up the ukulele.

We've been training and teaching BJJ at Jeppe's old club here in Aalborg, but when I had finally rehabbed enough to spar again, I was too far in my pregnancy to do so comfortably.

Now, I'm at 41 weeks and 2 days and very much over the whole pregnancy thing. Unfortunately, the little guy in my belly hasn't gotten with the programme yet and is still chilling inside with no signs of coming out to meet me and Jeppe!

Since reaching my due date, I've been trying to stay busy with a number of random house and garden maintenance projects. I've even been reduced to cleaning tiles! For the latest project I've convinced Jeppe to spend his weekend building a fence around our future vegetable garden - at this point I'm mainly overseeing and grunting every time I have to bend down to pick something up.

We're as geeky as always, with new adventures through our house, our hobbies and our kid. Thus adventurousgeeks pick up where we left off a few years back :-)